Check Out The NEW Maeve Quilt Patterns!

Block #1: Whatchamacallit Quilt

I thought sewing a variety of quilt blocks would be a great way to showcase the Kasada collection. That idea of course led me to design a sampler quilt...a Whatchamacallit.

As I sew each block, I will share the pattern for you to download if you would like to sew along and make one too. I am also sharing the quilt grid and will reveal how the blocks fit into the overall design.

The finished Whatchamacallit Sampler is 60" x 75" and it is made up of 5", 10" and 15" blocks (finished size). I'm encouraging you to experiment and switch things up if you wish! This would be a great time to get into those scraps.

The first block that I am sharing is called a Starshine Block. As you can see on the design layout below, you will need to make three.

Whatchamacallit Sampler Layout

Click here to download the Starshine Block instructions.