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Treat Yo' Self

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. While you are home, take the opportunity for self love and pampering. Sewing a fun pair of pajamas is a great way to pass time and gives you something to relax in when you're finished. Trust me, if you are also baking while you are at home, you're going to need some extra stretchy pants! Why not make a pair for the entire family for a momentous quarantine picture?

The Kiamesha collection will be shipping to shops this month. Please check to see if your local quilt shops are offering online or pick up orders!

The pattern I have used in these samples is the Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Patterns. The pineapple print is called Pachanga and is part of the Kiamesha collection.

To make this project quicker, you can leave out the pockets and cuff/piping details. I've also just made the bottoms because I usually wear a t-shirt to sleep in. However, the pockets are nice to have. My vote is to take the time and put them in.

Now, back on that baking note.... I recently tried something that I think is worth sharing. Homemade pop tarts fresh out of the oven are amazing. Click here for the recipe I found on the Pioneer Woman's website. You use pre-made pie crusts and any filling of your choice. They are so good! Enjoy, treat yo' self and happy sewing!