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Taxi Ride Quilt Pattern

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a quilting adventure! The Taxi Ride quilt combines traditional quilting techniques with a modern twist, resulting in a visually striking and playfully chaotic masterpiece. This is a pattern I designed a few years ago and decided to give it a new breath of life with the Snack Shack collection. The graphics have been updated to show the new fabrics and colors in the illustrations. 

My original inspiration was to take a spin using the much loved Log Cabin blocks to create a modern and bold design. The contrast between the background and the kaleidoscope of colors are reminiscent of the sights and sounds encountered during a city adventure. I love how the swirl quilting brings it all together. Overall, it captures the essence of a bustling cityscape, mirroring the energy of a lively taxi ride through the urban landscape. 

Get the Taxi Ride PDF Pattern Here:

Pattern Tip:

An accurate seam allowance is very important. Because of that, I consider this an intermediate skill level. I recommend making test blocks before you begin incase you need to adjust. 

Taxi Ride is available in three sizes with 16" x 16" quilt blocks. The sample shown is the throw size (64" x 64"). 

Quilt Details:

Fabric: Snack Shack, July 2024 Delivery
Pattern: Taxi Ride
Quilting by: Becky McCoy, @sewin4him
Pantograph: Swirly Gig 2