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Soirée Fan Quilt

As promised, I've mocked up a man quilt or "fan quilt" using my Soirée pattern. I have simplified the fabric requirements so there is very little extra fabric. This quilt is a great way to stay warm and represent your favorite team or gift to the sports nut in your family.

Now that I have this planned, I'm going to find my flannel prints so I can get started! The flannels in this example are not scaled true to size but it gives me an idea of I want to use. If you are wanting to use flannels for the Soirée Fan Quilt, you will need to buy 1/2 yard cuts to account for shrinkage when you prewash. Flannel can shrink up to 2 inches when it's washed and dried on warm/hot settings! I'm also going to use a higher quality flannel that doesn't have as much stretch. 

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