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She Is An American Girl

Are you running out of activities to keep your children busy during quarentine? How about teaching them how to sew? I have a cute story to share about an 11 year old girl in Maryland by the name of Esther Cooley who enjoys sewing outfits for her American Girl dolls.

A few months ago, I discovered Esther on Instagram  because she had made a dress for one of her dolls in a print from my Rosa collection. The dress and photography looked so professional and then I soon realized it was made by a young girl. I couldn't believe how talented she was. She mentioned in a recent post that she needed to make some summer clothes for her dolls. My heart said send that girl some Kiamesha fabric!

As you can see, Esther takes playing with dolls to a new level of fun and creativity. She agreed to let me share her amazing work and I asked her a few questions about her passion.

"I've been sewing for about three years, I'm eleven years old and in the fifth grade. I like to sew because every time I sew I make something I love and use my imagination to sew something I can be proud of. I love to make doll clothes, my favorite part is picking the fabric and after I'm finished with the dress, I really enjoy picking the embellishments. I have four sisters and I like to help them sew. I enjoy making doll dresses for them as well." - Esther Cooley, 11 years old.

Esther uses patterns from the Doll Dress books by Erin Hentzel. They can be found at Avery Lane Sewing along with tutorials.

I can't wait to see what Esther does in the future. I have a feeling there will be a book about her just like Carol Spencer. To see more of her work, you can follow her Instagram handle at thecraftycockatiel.

Esther's mother, Jamie, is OBVIOUSLY an amazing quilter. You can check her work out at beacraftygirl. Go give her some love for being an awesome mom and excellent teacher.

With the Covid-19 crisis, Kiamesha shipments were temporarily paused but have now resumed! I'm anxious to see more creations with this collection! I'm convinced this is...The Year of the Caftan. I have a blog post planned in the near future sharing different styles and patterns with the Kiamesha rayons.