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Sew To Grow with Wild Nectar Fabrics from Moda

It’s easy to take pleasure in garment sewing when you hear little voices say, ” We love our dresses!” I would like to share the latest Sew To Grow pattern for children…it’s the Mini Bondi Top and Tunic Dress! Just like the favored adult version, this top is a quick easy sew that features a contrasting yolk in the back. This can be made as a top or you can add a casing and draw string for a super cute tunic. Available in sizes 12 months to size 10.

Mini Bondi Tunic Dress featuring the Wild Nectar Collection from Moda Fabrics designed by Crystal Manning.

If you are intimidated about sewing garments, I vouch for Sew To Grow patterns as they are easy to follow. You will find wonderful tutorial videos on the website as well. Sewing garments isn’t as difficult as you think and it’s rewarding to be able to say, “I made this!”

Once you’ve made a dress and are admiring it in front of the mirror, you will realize that something is off balance when you can go to a store and buy one for $10 to $15. Someone isn’t earning the money they deserve and we are buying more clothes than we need.

Lindsey, from Sew To Grow takes great pleasure in teaching others her love of sewing. If you are a shop owner that carries garment patterns, I highly recommend booking a workshop with her. She instructs the proper way of taking measurements and making alterations so you have the perfect fit and style for your body. Her infectious spirit will leave a lasting impression on your customers and excitement for sewing their own clothes.

Here is an example of the Bondi Top for big girls! It's easy to sew and fun to wear.