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Projects For The Kitchen!

Aprons can add a touch of fun and personality when you're in the kitchen. The only difficult thing about this Reversible Apron by Mary Mulari is choosing what fabrics you're going to use, and in that case you may need to make more than one. 

This pattern was recommended to me by a local quilt shop as being a top seller and I can understand why. Since it's reversible, the two layers of fabric give it some durability along with pockets which are a must. Also, it's a beginner friendly pattern that would make an excellent gift so all the boxes are checked for me.

These folded star hot pads by Plum Easy Pattern can also add a touch of warmth and charm to your home. I can promise you that you can't make just one so be sure to get some extra templates in addition to the pattern. It's fun selecting different prints and seeing it come together. 

Both of these projects would make such a fun class for a quilt shop! Don't forget the cupcakes!