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Jelly Roll Round Up!

National Jelly Roll Day is just around the corner on September 18th and I thought it would be nice to round up some inspiring Jelly Roll quilts to share! I've gone through quilts people have made with my fabric collections and found some gems, in addition to some new patterns that I have available. So please take your seats, the show is about to begin!

1. Jelly Roll Racer

If you're looking for easy and fun, Jelly Roll Race to the Finish Line is just the project for you! This pattern was designed exclusively for Fort Worth Fabric Studio by Melanie Call and you can find the free pattern on their blog here.

This Jelly Roll Racer was made by Ashley Lienhart using the Rosa collection. She added a beautiful border to finish.

Find Ashley on Instagram here: @dogwoodtrailquiltco

Find Melanie on Instagram here: @abitofscrapstuff

2. Summer In The Park Quilt

Summer In The Park is a lovely pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Company. It is created by sewing strips into sets before cutting your blocks. It goes together quickly and of course there are video tutorials available! See links below!

Pattern Links: Summer In The Park Print PatternDigital Pattern, Mini Video Tutorial, Full Video Tutorial 

This version is made by Eleri Kerian using the Rosa collection. Eleri is so talented, she also sews adorable garments for her and her children. If your clothes match the quilt, you have an awesome mom.

Find Eleri on Instagram here: @elerihandmade

3. Mapleton Avenue Quilt 

It's time to throw it way back to my very first fabric collection, Wild Nectar! Shayla and Kristy from Sassafras Lane were so kind to make a sample of their Mapleton Avenue Quilt. I just love how it turned out! Mapleton Avenue has a fun  modern design and is available in four different sizes!

Pattern Link: Mapleton Avenue Quilt Pattern by Sassafras Lane

Find Sassafras on Instagram here: @sassafraslane

4. Dream Weaver Quilt

Dream Weaver is another pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Company with a woven block design! Yes, those handy tutorials are included on this quilt too!

Pattern Links: Dream Weaver Quilt Pattern Print, Digital, Mini Tutorial, Full Tutorial

Here is a nice detail photo of the blocks provided by Robyn Dalke. Robyn and her mother made this quilt together. I love it when sewing memories are made. Now Robyn's mother gets to enjoy this quilt everyday!

Find Robyn on Instagram here: @thatssostitchy


5. Iris Quilt

I just love it when someone tags me on Instagram and I get to see their beautiful creation! This gorgeous quilt was made by Sarah Richter using the Botanica collection with the Iris Quilt Pattern by Penelope Handmade. I will mention that you have to cut strips from yardage for this pattern. So perhaps this is an option for those who don't have a Jelly Roll. However, one Jelly Roll friendly pattern that's worth checking out is the Madeline Quilt Pattern by Penelope Handmade.

Pattern Links: Iris Quilt PatternMadeline Quilt Pattern

Find Sarah on Instagram here: @sarahs_hobbies

6. Jelly Roll Improv 

Do your own thing you creative soul! Who says you need a pattern? You don't have a Jelly Roll? Don't sweat this, a Jelly Roll has (42) 2.5" strips and you can simply cut from your own stash. 

This quilt is one that I made in my early days of quilting with Wild Nectar. I decided right away that I loved the free style of improv because there are no rules and you don't have to match seams. Piecing this quilt felt a lot like painting! Quilt like a fauve! Unfortunately this is my only improv to date. I should set a goal to make one a year because this was so much fun. 

The size of my strip pieces were cut at 2.5" x 6.5". I did throw in a few 2.5" x 12.5" background strips and used them to connect two rows together in places. This helped break up the design so it didn't look too repetitive.

7. Day Tripper Quilt

Day Tripper is my most recent Jelly Roll pattern designed for the Paisley Rose collection which will be shipping to stores January of 2022! The borders make an interesting design feature on this quilt. Two Jelly Rolls are required! 

Pattern Link: Day Tripper PDF Pattern

Quilted by Debra Freese

Find Debra on Instagram here: @7sistersquilting

8. Rock Star Granny Quilt

Last winter during our days of Covid I decided to take up a little crocheting. I was really only interested in learning how to make Granny Squares. I love putting different color combinations together and I had aspirations of making a cardigan. Let's just say I still have several blocks to go before that comes to fruition.

My inspiration for Rock Star Granny came from the love of beautiful crocheted Granny Squares. This quilt was designed for the Lady Bird collection which has a vintage vibe.

Lady Bird will be available in shops mid to late September! Only a few weeks away and I did see some people were able to get sample spree Jelly Rolls!

Pattern Link: Rock Star Granny PDF Pattern

Quilted by Debra Freese

Find Debra on Instagram here: @7sistersquilting

9. Mariette Quilt

I discovered this cute tulip block when I made my first sampler last summer and  decided then I need to design a quilt with them. Mariette is a tulip variety which you can find in one of my Lady Bird floral prints!

Pattern Link: Mariette PDF Pattern

Quilted by David Hurd

Find David on Instagram here: @quiltingbydavid

10. August Stars Quilt

August Stars is currently on my design wall. This pattern is by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts who also has the Sidekick Ruler which makes cutting go faster but it's not required as there are templates provided in the pattern.

I will provide an updated picture on National Jelly Roll Day. I am currently working on my first row and I love how it is coming together.

August Stars came out in 2016 so there are several other great examples out there! Click here to see the hashtag on Instagram!  

To read more about August Stars by Jaybird, here is the the link to her original blog post.

Remember To Have Fun!

I'm thinking it would be appropriate to start your National Jelly Roll Day with some jelly filled pastries and turn up the jams! I know one thing for sure, we will be making Layer Cakes and Fat Quarters jealous. I hope I have offered some inspiration for you. You have a week to make plans and buy some fabric.

Please be sure to tag me with your creations if you use one of my collections or patterns. I would love to share a post like this again next year!

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