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Jelly Roll Placemats

It’s time to add some color to your table for this festive season of graduations and summer barbeques. These Jelly Roll placemats featuring Painted Garden are a great summer piece for any table top. Yes… they are washable. I followed the technique using Roma Quilts rectangle jelly roll rug pattern. These rugs have been so fun to make I wanted to try mini versions for my table.

You can make a set of four using one jelly roll. I sewed 19 jelly roll tubes together and then trimmed to get two 13″ x 20″ placements. Repeat to make two more and then bind the ends just as you do the rug. I didn’t have a jelly roll on hand so I cut my own 2.5″ strips.

You can find the rectangle Jelly Roll pattern in Roma’s Etsy shop here.