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It's now October...the ideal sewing weather if you ask me! I do have a couple goals in the next month or so. I would like to make my husband a man quilt. I have an idea to repurpose my Soirée quilt pattern. I will share once I get my idea mocked up. My second goal is to make a Charlie Harper quilt that will be a wall hanging in our basement. I swoon over Charlie Harper birds. It's been almost a year ago when I bought the fabric and had plans so it's time to make it happen. 

Have you noticed things look a little different? I did a some updating and cleaning. It's the same website just a different look. Yes, you can keep your shoes on while you take a gander. Now that I'm turning over a new leaf I will also be sending out a newsletter to my friends. (Deals for you.) I will be sharing a coupon code for the Rosa quilt patterns that will release in November. I also have plans to add more than just quilt patterns to the shop. The newsletter is the best place to find out about all this fun stuff!

Today I'm sharing the latest makes with Growing Beautiful fabric by Moda. I just finished this Easy Top & Tunic by Indygo Junction. The tunic is more my style because like my tail covered. I used cotton for this sample which worked great but would also look nice in other types of fabrics.  As I was perusing vintage styles, I found a dress that inspired me to make a coordinating bottom panel. The bottom panel was cut at approximately 11 inches; this included the seam allowance to sew to the top panel. You could easily lengthen this more if you wanted to wear it as a dress.


The Cleo Skirt by Made By Rae has been a favorite of mine for a while. It's easy to sew and easy to wear. This version features a colorful stripe print from the Growing Beautiful collection. The shirt is from Target of course. If you would like to see more inspiring pictures of this pattern just search the hashtag #cleoskirt on Instagram or visit the Made By Rae website.