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Green Goodness

There are so many fun things to celebrate in March. Who isn’t excited about warmer weather and the first day of spring?! I thought I would share a few of my favorite “green things” in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

This past Christmas my sister and I had a Vera Neumann scarf exchange. It is now my favorite accessory. As a designer, Vera’s story, art and style has been an inspiration to me. She began her career by designing scarves from parachute silk during World War II. I could spend hours looking at Vera’s vintage scarves on Etsy and am so thankful to have one of my own.

Next, is something new that I started in February. I have cut back on coffee and started drinking more tea. We have the cutest tea shop on the Liberty square called Anna’s Tea Shop and that is where I was educated on matcha tea! It is ground up green tea leaves packed full of health benefits since you ingest the entire leaf. You can find the powder mix at grocery stores. I like to get my day started with the green goodness so I make a smoothie for breakfast. Starbucks is now offering Matcha Green Tea Latte’s with soy milk which is also a delight.

I’m also fond of the greens in Painted Garden that will be shipping to stores next month!

Here is a block tutorial I have put together for March that uses mostly Painted Garden prints called Clover and Violets.

As we are getting closer to the Painted Garden release, I wanted to share the quilts that I designed to go along with the collection. Be sure to check your local shops for these patterns. The “Painted Garden” quilt is great for beginners. It goes together quickly using large blocks and showcases the bold floral print. Overall, this colorful collection brings joy to my soul and I hope others get that sense of joy as they make their own creations.

In my next blog post I will be sharing the garments and bags from Painted Garden that were made for market…so stay tuned. I will also be releasing a new pattern towards the end of the month that I am excited to share. It will be a PDF only pattern. (I”ll have a sneak peek on Instagram before I hand it over to my quilter.)

Painted Garden 92″ x 100″

Soirée 60″ x 80″

Rose Hips 70″ x 90″

Fruit Punch 72″ x 72″