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Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery Quilt, Clue 1

I am excited to be participating in the Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery Quilt Charity sew along to benefit Valley Industries. Valley Industries is a non-profit sheltered workshop that provides dignified employment opportunities to those with disabilities. Cotton Cuts partners with Valley Industries to cut fabric for their subscription boxes. 

At the end of the puzzle the completed quilt will be raffled off, with all proceeds going to Valley Industries. Click here to enter the raffle!

I have the first clue for the Spring 2020 Puzzle Mystery Quilt which is "Name of the Rose." Here is a snapshot of what you can expect to get in the mail. (Minus the pen..)


I'm not sure which was more exciting; to be working with Gingiber's Bramble Collection or the fact the pieces come PRECUT! This is such an ideal way to quilt, open a package and you're literally ready to sew.

Click here to sign up for the Spring 2020 Puzzle Mystery Quilt!

Here are my finished blocks for the February clue! I wonder if this is part of the flower or are these leaves?? Only time will tell. 

Stay tuned for more clues from these following participants.

March: Kate Spain 

April: Robin Pickens 

May: Karen Lewis 

June: Heather Black 

July: Elea Lutz 

August: Jen Allyson 

September: Hilary Jordan 

October: Sheila Christensen Quilts and Kim Moos of Cotton Cuts