Check Out The NEW Maeve Quilt Patterns!


It's the perfect evening for dancing around a campfire in cadence to nature's song. Wrap a quilt around your shoulders stitched up with a melody of romantic indie blooms, rich texture, and color. Cadence is the perfect collection for creating your favorite projects with a boho chic vibe.

I was heavily influenced by vintage quilts when I designed this collection. The result is a free-spirited style that is both relaxed and sophisticated. There's a mix of textures and patterns I think you're going to love creating with. This collection also features two patchwork cheater prints perfect for quilt backs, garments, bags, etc. I'll be sharing a FREE quilt pattern featuring the patchwork print next week. It goes together so fast! 

I'm so excited to finally share Cadence and the fun projects I've been working on. This collection is showing to shops now for an October delivery.