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Block #3 and Block #4: Whatchamacallit Quilt

I have two more blocks to share this week for the Whatchamacallit Sampler. Block #3 is called Dark Star with a little Sawtooth block in the center. The rest of the block goes together quickly with HST in the corner along with four Flying Geese. 

Click here to download Block# 3

Block #4, Hidden Star, has five Square-In-A-Square blocks and four HST. Easy peasy! Don't judge my points! I did the best I could.

Click here to download Block# 4

Here is the latest image of what the Whatchamacallit Sampler with the (7) blocks you should have now.

Since the stay at home order and social distancing recommendations, my husband and I have missed going to our favorite ice cream shop. In order to fill that void we ordered an ice cream maker from this place called Amazon. Good idea or bad idea? We have made several different flavors but the Reese's Peanut Butter has been my favorite. What happens when you pour homemade ice cream into a pie crust? Heaven. I heard angels singing. The Almond Butter Espresso Pie is AMAZING, however, after about a month of this ice cream experiment and additional baking we usually don't do, my jeans became a little too snug. 

Anyway, to balance things out we are now jogging and playing tennis...everyday. We've gone from one extreme to the other. Playing tennis in the evenings is something we've done for several years now in the summer. It started out just for fun but it's gotten a little competitive as our skill level slightly improved.

A personal goal of mine is to learn to enjoy the game of golf this summer. It has always been a source of frustration for me while it comes naturally to my husband. Oh man, if I could just win one game! I have a Groupon to get my swing analyzed. We will see if there is any hope for me or if I'm just destined to be a caddie. 

I hope everyone else is finding ways to enjoy the summer and get outdoors despite the pandemic. Happy sewing and have a nice weekend.