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Block #20 - #23 Whatchamacallit Quilt

Thank goodness it's Friday!! Only a few more blocks to go and you'll be ready for the final assembly. This has been such a fun experience for my first sampler quilt. It's been a great way to learn new quilt blocks. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as well and perhaps inspired you to make something with Kasada when it ships in November!

I think I may have to host another sampler sew along in the future. Maybe next summer? I have an idea already. :)

To finish up the Whatchamacallit Quilt, you need two more 10" blocks which will be Block #20, Homegrown and Block 21, Crown of Thorns.

Click here to download Block #20
Click here to download Block #21

The 5" blocks include four Mini Crosses, Block 22 and a really cute Tulip which is Block 23.

Click here to download Block #22
Click here to download Block #23

You can see all of the blocks pictured below. 

At last, a look at the final layout! I have an assembly diagram that you can refer to when sewing your blocks together. Click here to download quilt assembly diagram.

Here are a few pictures of my finished Whatchamacallit. I still need to go get my chocolate bar!