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Block #13 - #16: Whatchamacallit Quilt

It's Monday! Let's create something amazing this week. I was just outside this morning taking pictures of these quilt blocks and noticed my tomatoes should be ready for BLTs in a week or so. Eek! You have to find joy in the simple things these days. A BLT sandwich with a homegrown tomato is honestly one of my favorite things about summer!

I hope you're ready to make HSTs! I thought it made sense to put these blocks together so you can make several HSTs all at once. Just remember to chain piece and they go quickly.

Here is a list of what you will be making next:

(2) Constellation Blocks

(1) Broken Dish Block

(1) Pinwheel Block

(2) Streak of Lightning Blocks

Click here for the block patterns!  Enjoy and happy Monday!