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Block #12: Whatchamacallit Quilt

I'm ending the week with the last 15" block for the Whatchamacallit Quilt. It's called Star of Wonder. Click here to download the pattern.

Here is a sneak peek of another "Work In Progress" I'm trying to finish. As you can see, this is made entirely with men's shirts. I got this idea from a modern quilting book I checked out from the library a year ago, unfortunately, I can't find the quilter who did this. So just know, this is not my original idea. I do love this technique and would like to try it with quilting fabric!

For the large blocks, you sew strips around a center square (about 5") and trim to a 21" square. Next you cut it into fourths with each square measuring 10.5". The finished size is 10". 

I've been trimming each time I sew a new layer so the edges aren't perfectly straight. I like the wonky look. Perfect is boring.

For the small blocks, you sew strips around a center square (about 3") and trim to a 11" square. When you cut it into fourths, each square is 5.5" and will be 5" finished.

The layout changes every time I place them on the floor. That's the fun part! I hope to have most of this finished by the end of July. The goal is to work on one block each day.